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            Teaching basic skills for kindergarten and preschool includes worksheets, lesson plans, and lessons.   For teaching and learning basic skills and life skills, and is focused for students in preschool, and kindergarten through 3rd grade and also for students with special needs.


            Basic skills are organized by category.  Each of the categories include multiple lessons and worksheets that are customizable depending on the abilities of your student.


            Telling Time Lesson Plans and Worksheets

            Telling Time Worksheets and Lessons

            Teaching and learning to tell time. Clocks. Hours and minutes. Time worksheets and lessons.


            What Hour is it? Telling Time

            Practice identifying and reading the hour of the day on the clock.


            Match the Time

            Students practice matching the time to the matching clock. Time lessons include hours, half-hours, quarter-hours, 5-minute intervals, and all time intervals.  Interactive lesson may be configured by the teacher.


            What Time is it? Hours and Half-Hours

            Practice identifying and reading the hour of the day on the clock. Includes half-hours


            What Time is it? Quarter Hours

            Practice identifying and reading the hour of the day on the clock. Focus on quarter hours - 00, 15, 30, 45 minutes.


            Classifying, counting, recognition worksheets lesson plans

            Classifying, Counting, and Recognition Worksheets and Lessons

            Teach basic classification, counting, and recognition skills basic skills. Beginning reading and writing skills worksheets and lessons.


            Letter, Word, Picture Match (A-F)

            Match the pictures to the letters or word. Alphabet Worksheet.  Early letter recognition.


            Food Count

            Practice counting food. Number tracing or fill-in the blank.


            Count Food

            Count the food items and choose the answer that matches.  Basic counting worksheet.


            Food Set Match

            Circle the food set on each row that matches the number given.


            Letter, Word, Picture Match All Letters

            Match the pictures to the letters or word. Includes all letters.  Customize to select only the letters you wish to drill.


            Food Search

            Students practice finding and identifying food items.


            ABC Choice

            Students choose from two possible answers. Which word matches the picture?  Use letters, words, or write the word under the picture. All letters.


            Food Mix and Match

            Practice matching and counting.  Elementary worksheet.


            Shapes Search

            Practice identifying shapes.


            Shapes Mix and Match

            Practice matching and counting shapes.


            Sentence Picture Matching

            For teaching learning to read sentences. Match the sentences to the matching picture.  I see, etc.

            Sight words.


            Sight Words

            Practice learning sight words with this interactive lesson.


            Word and Letter Trace

            For teaching beginning reading and writing. Use letter or word tracing to write the letter or word that matches the picture. Handwriting lesson.


            Letter Trace and Print

            For teaching beginning reading and writing. Use letter or word tracing to write the letter or word that matches the picture handwriting worksheet.


            Basic Math worksheets lesson plans

            Basic Math Worksheets and Lessons

            Practice elementary math skills. Addition, Fractions, Measurement, and other Mathematics lessons and worksheets.


            Food Math

            Students practice counting then adding or subtracting food.  Elementary math worksheet.


            Basic Math

            Standard math worksheet. Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication, with or without decimals.


            Number Comparison - Comparing Numbers

            Learn comparing number amounts, and selecting the greater amount.


            Place Values

            Learn and practice place values. Fill in the Place Value units. Random configurable worksheet.


            Number Series - Missing Number

            Practice filling in the missing number of a series.


            Greater Than and Less Than

            Practice comparing numbers with the greater than and less than symbol.



            Practice your Fractions.  Elementary fractions worksheet.



            All about Measurement. Learn to use a ruler and measure inches.


            Money Skills worksheets lesson plans

            Money Worksheets and Lessons

            Coins and Bills and more.  Counting money. Learning about basic money skills worksheets and lessons.


            Count Coins

            Our basic worksheet for practice counting coins. Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters. Also, you may use coins with amounts written on the coin, coin names, the back of coins, or Canadian coins.


            How Much?

            Practice counting coins and writing the respective amounts. Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters. Available with faces (younger students) and without face pictures.


            Counting Coins Practice

            These interactive learning exercises are designed to help your students learn and practice their coin counting skills.  Create your own difficulty level based on your students' skill level and needs. Counting money game.


            Counting Money with Bills

            Practice counting money by counting bills. Dollars, fives, tens, twenties. Also, you may use US or, Canadian bills.


            Calendar Worksheets Lesson Plans

            Calendars Worksheets and Lessons

            Teach and learn to use a calendar. Learn to identify dates worksheets and lessons.


            Write the Dates on the Calendar

            Students practice their understanding of using a calendar by filling in the missing dates, and answering a few simple questions.




            Teaching Kindergarten Worksheets - Preschool Worksheets - Free Printable Worksheets and Lesson Plans - First Grade - Second Grade - Third Grade








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